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RFID Museum and Bluetooth Art Tracking and Security System

Museums maintain the vast majority of their art and objects in storage, and rotate items from storage to and from temporary displays. 

If art or objects are placed at the wrong location, it is often difficult or near impossible to find the art or object, requiring extensive storage room(s) inventories to located a needed object. 

With portable RFID / bar code scanners, each shelf or storage area can be tagged with a ‘location’ label, and art and objects placed into storage can be scanned and the location label scanned.  As such, the RFID museum object tracking system is updated with exact storage locations for easy accessibility.

If an object is placed to an incorrect location and/or a location tag is not scanned when the object is placed into storage, a the RFID portable museum object location scanner with approximate 20’ range can be utilized to rapidly locate needed objects.

The portable scanner can also be utilized for frequent or periodic inventories of all museum art, objects and assets.  Because portable RFID scanners have up to 20’ range and do not require line-of-sight, museum inventories are vastly faster than manual or bar code museum inventories.

RFID antennas can be placed at storage room exits, and will passively track art and objects being removed-from or returned-to storage.  If any art or objects are approaching a storage or facility exit in an unauthorized manner, the museum RFID tracking and security system will trigger alarms and flashing lights, as well as software, email and SMS alerts.

Bluetooth technology is ideal for tracking patrons as they travel through a museum, prompting content to display to smart phones.  Bluetooth can also be utilized to track objects on display and/or in storage.