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RFID Police Evidence Tracking and RFID Police Seized Property Tracking

Most people would be awestruck by the amount of evidence in storage at a typical police department.  Many police departments utilize manual evidence management processes, spreadsheets or outdated software applications to register and track police evidence and seized property.   It is rare to find a police department that has implemented state-of-the-art RFID technology to manage evidence or to find ‘missing/needed’ evidence on-demand, and, with the ability to provide rapid, and therefore frequent, inventories of sensitive evidence, such as seized weapons.

SmartTraxx evidence tracking solution provides a computerized registry of all evidence and seized property, supporting bar coding and RFID technology for efficient evidence tracking, inventories and location, including the following standard features:

> Computerized registry of police evidence and seized property
> Unlimited discreet ‘data views’ of differing evidence-types, such as weapons, narcotics, currency, vehicles, general evidence, etc.
> Full synchronization with police department back end software systems, for automated updates to evidence tracking system without having to perform data entry
> Utilizes storage location bar code and/or RFID labels to track evidence to exact storage locations as evidence is put into storage
> Tracks evidence/property movements real-tme via RFID antennas at doorways and/or other trafficked travel points within areas of evidence storage indoors and outdoors
> Enables capture of electronic signatures when evidence is transferred from the evidence vault to any approved recipient
> Tracks approved recipients and can trigger alarms and lights if evidence is being transferred to an unauthorized person and/or if evidence approaches an exit point in an unauthorized manner
> Enables rapid inventories of all inventory with portable scanners with up to approximately 20’ range, to provide validation of status and location of all property and evidence
> Portable scanners function similar to a metal detector, to precisely and rapidly locate specific evidence items within storage
> Supports digital scales for weighing narcotics or other evidence, with the weight of the object weighed directly updated to SmartTraxx
> Tracks case status and when property is approved for return to property owners
> Prints ‘property return’ standardized letters and mailing labels for notification of property owners of availability of propery

SmartTraxx provides state-of-the-art computerized police property and seized evidence management.  RFID tracks evidence and enables staff to find specific property/evidence object quickly through use of a portable radio wave scanner with up to 20’ range.

SmartTraxx easily integrates with existing police department software and database applications, for fully integrated tracking, chain-of-custody and status of all police evidence and seized property.

SmartTraxx can also be utilized for tracking weapons/gear/ammo, documents/files/archives and facility/vehicle assets, with rapid inventories utilizing RFID portable scanners.