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RFID Weapon Tracking and RFID Weapon Accountability Solution

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Most armories today are utilizing manual weapon tracking and weapon accountability processes that have been utilized for decades.  Yet, what object accountability is more important then weapons accountability?

Virtual Doxx Corporation offers the leading, most comprehensive and technologically advanced weapon/gear/ammo system in the marketplace today.  Virtual Doxx’s ARMS Armory Management System includes the following standard functionality:

> Computerized registry of weapons, gear, ammo, personnel and posts

> Personnel authentication based on photos in software, ID cards, PIN # entry or fingerprint

> Validation of transfer of custody of weapons/gear/ammo via electronic signature pad, fingerprint or PIN # entry

> Supports RFID and/or bar coding of all armory objects

> Tracks weapons/gear/ammo with RFID antennas and/or hands-free bar code scanner at issue-return windows or USB scanner attached to workstation computer

> Supports RFID security to identify weapons exiting the armory to ensure that weapons are not being removed in unauthorized manner, which triggers flashing lights and alarm

> Virtual Doxx ‘security alert’ audit trail records include time/date stamped for reconciliation against security camera video footage

> Keeps track of weapon assignments for each authorized recipient of weapons/gear/ammo

> Keeps track of posts and what weapons/gear/ammo are required for post assignments

> Keeps track of personnel weapon certification status

> Keeps track of personnel ‘ARM’ / ‘Do Not ARM’ status

> Manages weapon inspections, test firings and cleanings

> Tracks weapon maintenance as to expected resolution, actual resolution, duration of maintenance, person performing maintenance and parts used

The ARMS Armory Management RFID weapons tracking system is state-of-the-art armory management.  ARMS imposes and provides ‘best practices’ business processes, based on the workflow already included in the software, based on projects previously performed for the U.S. military, U.S. police forces and military, police and security organizations worldwide.