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RFID Tool Tracking and Accountability

Tools are essential elements to organizations that utilize tools for the conduct of business. 

Further, some organization utilize tools for sensitive manufacturing processes, where it is critical to track tools against goods-in-process.  It may be essential to ensure that all tools are accounted-for prior to goods-in-process proceeding through production processes.  For example, with airplane manufacturing, it is essential that tools are accounted-for at all times and that no tools may have been left on-product during manufacturing.

Tool cribs can be outfitted with computer and RFID for manual transfer of tools to recipients.  RFID antennas can also be installed at tool crib ingress/egress point(s) to passively track tools as they move in and out of tool cribs.  If personnel have RFID personnel ID badges, as tools are removed-from or returned-to a tool crib, the tool(s) and the person moving the tools will be captured by SmartTraxx RFID tool tracking software.

RFID can also be implemented for choke-point and/or facility wide tracking of tools, utilizing UHF (915MHz) and/or Active RFID (433MHz) radio frequencies.

If tools have been checked-out longer than approved in-use matrixes, SmartTraxx will automatically initiate ‘overdue’ notifications to designated email addresses.

SmartTraxx provides a computerized registry of all tools, tracks tool movements and tracks personnel that move tools.  SmartTraxx RFID provides real-time tracking and accountability of tools.