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Software Technology and Hardware Migration

A significant number of technology and software companies fail, or become irrelevant, due to an inability to remain current with computing and solution technologies.  Virtual Doxx Corporation started programming with JavaOne in 1997, and evolved into versions of Jboss and Enterprise Jave Beans around 2005.

In addition, SmartTraxx is cross-platform software, meaning that SmartTraxx must also support advancing versions of Microsoft OS’s and databases.

Further, database integration methodologies evolve, with a current preference industry-wide for RESTFul Web Services.

It is difficult for organizations to remain current as technology changes.  Virtual Doxx Corporation has remained current with open-source and proprietary software standards, with rapid support of new standards as the standards become stable.  SmartTraxx incorporates most-current software and continues to support emerging technology advancements.

Beyond core software technology, Virtual Doxx Corporation continually advances its support of tracking technologies, such as bar coding, UHF RFID, Active RFID, UWB RFID, Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM and GPS.    As well, Virtual Doxx maintains continual advancement in periphery hardware, such as electronic signature pads, biometrics, touch screen computing, mobile computing and related technologies that naturally integrate with SmartTraxx object and people tracking solutons.

Further, Virtual Doxx Corporation is continually evaluating related systems and technologies, for support by SmartTraxx for more and more evolved solution architectures.  Particularly, Virtual Doxx continually evaluates and works with security technologies, like access control systems, gating systems, video system and intrusion detection systems…the be able to provide the most robust solutions possible for each customer.