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RFID Personnel Tracking and RFID Personnel Mustering

Many organizations have access control systems that enable staff with approved ID card or pin # or biometric input to open a door to gain access to a facility or access through doors within facilities.

A challenge with traditional access control systems is that a single person may identify themselves to gain access at any given doorway, multiple staff may travel through the door without being identified. 

Another challenge with traditional access control systems is that doorway control panels do not send data to a personnel database.  As such, a database query or ‘mustering’ report does not benefit or include data from the access control system.

Active RFID is an ideal technology for personnel tracking and personnel mustering.  RFID detection zones can be established at entrance / exit points at building and/or at gates.  Short and long range detection zones can be established within facilities from a few feet to up to approximately 1,500’.  Whereas with access control systems, many people typically travel through checkpoints after someone else and gained access, with active RFID, all people are detected at doors, in facilities or outside of facilities.

Active RFID is also an ideal technology for personnel mustering.  RFID can be implemented at building ingress / egress points, surrounding but not overlapping buildings and at property gates.  Personnel mustering is automated based on detection by RFID interrogators (detection zones).  The personnel tracking database is automatically updated as people travel through detection zones, enabling organizations to produce personnel mustering reports on-demand.

With active RFID, personnel location data renders to portable active RFID scanners from the database.  Scanners can be stored in internal or outside-of-the-building enclosures.  Portable scanners can also be updated real-time GSM data that syncs portable scanners.  As such, portable scanners maintain a muster list of people ‘inside the building and unaccounted-for).  Long range active RFID scanners with a range up to approximately 1,500’ display the ‘muster list’ and enable 1st responders to enter facilities to find the personnel that the muster list indicates are in the facility.

Active RFID is also ideal for large facilities and/or operations that include outdoor facilities, personnel and equipment.  Active RFID provides real-time RFID personnel tracking from long distances.

UHF RFID personnel tracking is ideal when staff need to be tracked at specific doorways, entrance / exits or other choke-points, but not where personnel tracking is needed at distances more than approximately 15’.  When using UHF RFID for personnel tracking or mustering, it should be noted that the human body and metal block UHF RFID radio waves.  If many personnel may be traveling through RFID detection zones at-the-same-time, personnel tags may not be detected.

Active RFID tags proactively transmit a beacon that will be detected, regardless of other personnel or equipment being in the detection zone at the same time.